3 Keys to Relationship #Productivity

The secret to flawlessly complete your tasks while in a clingy relationship, or even a clingy friendship, is to (secretly) treat it as a task!
Relationships are great for all the sunshine and butterflies that they offer. But in reality, they are quite up there on the Productivity Blocker Totem Pole. Have a look at the fun infographic below, and you will see that even long-distance relationships have proven to be major time-suckers since the invention of the telephone!
Each of us has demands to give-in to, such as work, school, finances, family obligations, household duties, etc. A lot of these duties have little, to no room for error. But when you are faced with a partner or friend that is too clingy, too emotionally dependent, or just plain annoying at times while they are demanding more time with you- handle them as you do everything else! Schedule them in as tasks!
Tips on managing to give your partner/friend the time they crave:
Consistency: Schedule time to have small-talk with your partner/friend on a daily basis. Try to make it around the same time each day, so they know they have something to look forward to a little after lunch, or right before dinner, etc.
A Little Goes A Long Way: Carve time for coffee, or short breakfasts together- or even a simple phone call helps. For those addicted to texts, message with weekly greetings, or morning greetings saying “Hey! Have a great day!”
Weekly Evenings: Try to schedule one evening each week for a hot date. Even if it is brief, it is still something. While you’re at it, maybe you can let your partner choose what they would like to do each week for the hot date between a set time bracket. Or take turns planning it. It’s a win-win cause hey, you might get lucky. ;-)
Points to consider while prioritizing relationship-related tasks:
What is urgent and important?
What is not urgent and important?
What is urgent and not important?
What is not urgent and not important?
You can even let your partner in on prioritizing (if they won’t mind of course), and they may appreciate your efforts in trying to make it work.
Do you know of any apps that could help one out with relationships/friendships?
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