The Perfect Task Manager for a Strong Marketing Team

“It’s working out fantastically!” - Ashley Bienvenu, marketer, cheerleader, out-of-the-box thinker.

fave features:

  • starring system
  • deadlines
  • notes

key benefits:

  • ongoing development of ideas into strategies
  • more productive team meetings
  • greater alignment with different schedules

Ashley Bienvenu and her colleagues at Shopbot discovered Producteev for their personal to-dos. In a short amount of time, they implemented the task manager to coordinate their entire marketing efforts.

Shopbot now uses Producteev to manage a complete spectrum of responsibilities — from the smallest of routine tasks to more major projects, as far as three months out.

For instance, Ashley manages daily tasks like updating the company blog and enters objectives for long term projects overtime. In doing so, she ensures that repetitive tasks are quickly completed and ideas for major projects are always “on the radar.”

They heavily rely on task priority, deadlines, and notes. Not all of members of the marketing department work the same hours. Thus, leaving notes on tasks serve as a primary means of collaboration.

Any team member adds tasks to the workspace at any time. Instead of an overseeing admin, all members participate in assigning tasks to one another. Ashley raves, “It’s working out fantastically!”

Ashley considers the avatars, or team photos, an easy way to get a glimpse of who is assigned to any particular task. In fact, like many users, she and her team were attracted to the interface and are motivated to be on Producteev on a daily basis.

On a weekly basis, they use Producteev to help run more efficient meetings. Using tasks as a reference for brainstorming and devising different campaigns and strategies, they make sure that no thoughts are left out of the mix.

Finally, Ashley compares Producteev to a traditional, paper to-do list. “With Producteev, there’s the added benefit of technology, but that same satisfaction of marking a task off as done.”

The Shopbot team is present in:
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  • Janice Lee

    Hi there,

    My company is looking for a new marketing project/task management software. We used Freedcamp in the past, but we wanted something with a calendar. Also, we don’t have to worry too much about other things like logging our time for billing purposes, or how much time we spent with a client. We simply need a tool to keep the marketing team connected no matter where in the world we are. We don’t have a tight budget for this, but ideally we would like to save an arm and a leg. Tasks we do include anything between events, e-mail campaigns, tons and tons of flyers, and — on top of that — my ENTIRE company website, is going through a full-on revamping process, and my marketing team needs to be able to communicate with each other about who’s tackling what project, who needs what design, what’s priority, who’s happy, who’s not?!, who is writing new content, etc etc. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Thank you,