Search EVERYTHING! Advanced search you’ve been dreaming about


The search capabilities you need have arrived. Two important improvements to the workspace search feature are being released. The first extends your reach — now you can search beyond the title of a task. We call this improvements to Basic Search. In addition, you can search using specified criteria. Known as Keyword Search, the latter is more advanced, and we have included a set of instructions below.

Basic Search
Tasks, Labels, Notes, Attachments (File Name), Creator, Assigned By, Assigned To

Use quotes in the search field to narrow your results.


Keyword Search

  • title:’TASK TITLE’
  • status:’done’ ‘active’
  • deadline:’today, next week, 10/2/2011…’
  • star:’0 – 5’
  • starby:’NAME’
  • label:’KEYWORD IN LABEL’
  • note:’KEYWORD IN NOTE’
  • creator:’NAME’
  • assignedby:’NAME’
  • assignedto:’NAME’

To search mutliple keywords at a time leave a space, example:

status:’active’ star:’3’

Combined keyword search is comparable to a Smart Filter.

This more powerful functionality was requested two short months ago with the release of our new UI. A small group of advanced search beta testers have already given feedback on improving usability. As always, thanks for letting us know what we can do to make Producteev better!

Photo credit: mafleen