A Geeky Way to Use Producteev & Store Documents


Betcha didn’t know that Producteev — for task management — can double for document management? Yup. Not only can you tame your workflow, but your paper (or file) flow as well. I didn’t really believe my boss when he said this. Skeptical at first, I decided to put the idea to the test.

Before I could successfully transfer files, I had to clean them. I created new folders that actually made sense for organizing my Documents… I backed up one folder on our Time Machine, emptied out my Downloads and deleted 1100+ items from the Trash. Sounds like a pain and a lot of work, but it’s really Step 1 for transitioning onto the cloud.


I began by adding a new workspace called “Docs.” In total I copied 34 files, which I labeled accordingly. For simplicity, you may want to use the same labels as folders on your computer. Though, I am using Producteev as a backup. If you plan to use Producteev document management for saving space on your local storage, you can use any classification system. Monthly storage quotas are sufficient for most use cases.

Usually, I made task titles the name of a document. Except in the case of giving a document a crappy name which made it difficult to gauge its contents. In this case, I made sure the Producteev task title had a better and more intuitive name after uploading. Our partnership with Scribd allows for virtually any file type to be attached. Once attached, files can be previewed or downloaded in an instant.


Arrange documents in alphabetical order using the Sort by – Title feature. 

The majority of these documents are finished drafts of website copy, newsletter promotions and other materials. For any drafts that are unfinished, I added the word “draft” in the title and starred them (hoping that a star, or priority, would push me to getting them done). Deadlines should really be set on those drafts. ;)

Perhaps the greatest advantage of moving the files is advanced search. Producteev now scans task titles and attachments, so finding whatever I need will be a cinch!


Check the box to search notes (attachments).

What I’m really excited about, however, is being able to do things like access these files from any device. This will be so handy when I get a new ipad2! I can easily refer to prior newsletters, for instance, and brainstorm for upcoming editions while commuting. How geeeky and wonderful!

If you use our task manager to store and organize your documents, we’d love to know more! Feel free to give feedback and add comments about your inventive use of Producteev.

Photo credit: ymajik