5 Productive Ways to Use Color | Producteevity


Color theory and the idea that certain colors elicit psychological response was popularized by the research of Dr. Max Luscher.

Color choice — both in your surroundings and on your person — can greatly assist with improving your mood.

What colors are you drawn to and how do you use them? You can give your home and office a splash of the right color(s) to heighten productivity. Here are a few suggestions:

Paint a power wall
use loud colors effectively with limited, strategic placement

Decorate your desk with preferred colors
feeling settled and comfortable, particularly in a color-sense, can keep you motivated through out the workday

Put colors to work
organize your files by color to save time, use highlighter tones for designated purposes

Hang something in your color by your door
rejuvenate each time you enter and exit the room

Center yourself with color
pick a yoga mat in a preferred color, or select an area rug that gives you that extra sense of balance

How do you make color work the way you do? We’d love to hear!

Photo credit: AuraVisions