Have no fear, @tushark is here – the social/community sidekick

Hello community, Judi, your CM of one year here :)

In economics, we learned about something called the Division of Labor. It may sound fancy, but all it really means is people get better at what they do when they specialize.

Wearing lots of hats as community manager is a challenge I’ve enjoyed meeting; however, starting today, with the addition of a Social Media-Community intern I’ll be able to specialize and give customers — like you — better support.

This is something we can all be thankful for! Without further ado, meet Tushar Khandelwal, the latest and greatest add to the team.


I’m Tushar, a recent engineering grad, who joined the team as the new Social Media intern! I was born in India, but grew up in Tokyo, and came to New York to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia. I’m a self-proclaimed tech geek, read lifehacker and techcrunch, and have even served as an early adopter for everything from Producteev and Gmail to foursquare and other smaller startups.

I’ve been hardware hacking (with a little programming) for most of my life and besides serving as tech support for my family + friends, I also built an automatic wall painting robot! In the past couple of years, I’ve come to love the NYC tech and social media scene; as such, I’m excited for my internship at Producteev, helping people discover our apps and manage their tasks online.

When I’m not at my desk, you can find me biking the streets of New York or discovering new events and areas the city has to offer. My favorite productivity killers are Roll a D6 and a video I directed of my previous bosses madly running all over NYC. Feel free to keep in touch / follow me on twitter (@tushark) or stop by my blog at http://blog.tushark.com.