Android app: Our widget is out!

To all of you Android fans, we’ve got great news, our Producteev Android app, now has beautiful widgets!
Thank you very much for your patience. We tried to make a widget as elegant as useful.
You can choose between 2 versions, or 2 sizes to be more precise: Large and Medium.
The large one displays 6 tasks and 2 tasks for the medium one.




Once set on your Home screen, the widget allows you to quickly view your tasks (status, title, due date, priority, repetition). Use the arrows to navigate it in your task list. You can check done or undone tasks directly on your widget. If you need to do more actions, just click on a task and you will be led to the task details for full control of your task.



The Producteev icon opens the app and the top right icon opens a dialog to quickly create a task in your to-do list. The widget’s task list is also customizable. Click on the widget’s title bar and an option panel allows you to select a workspace, a filter or a label, and a sort for the widget tasks list.



As a first version and still in beta, we need your feedback to improve our Product, so please contact us if you have anything to share.


Now, go update it on the Android Market!


Thanks,The Producteev Android Department ;)
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