Announcing the “Shared To-Do lists”

It was one of the most requested features, and there you go, we launched it today.

Basically the problem that you used to have is simple, different colleagues could be working on the same project, but each one had to create its own box about this project, and nothing was synced. Now it’s fixed

Two ways to create “Shared To-Do lists” :

1. From the New “Add a To-Do list” Button on the top of your dashboard, just click on “Create a Shared To-Do list” and pick the colleagues you want to share the box with


2. From a box already created, go to “Modify”, then “Share with”, and pick the names of your colleagues. Done.


The To-Do list will be instantly (in push) duplicated in your colleagues’ dashboards, and everyone involved has the same rights to add a task, change a deadline, add a file,… Every action will remain synced in Real-Time!

We’ll be happy to hear your feedback on this new feature!