Breaking: Beaver Now Trained in Natural Human Language

Ever wish for your very own virtual personal assistant? Now you have one— in the form of a beaver, trained to speak in natural human language and always on stand by to assist you with infinite task managing needs.

How is this possible, you might ask. Repetition. Pretty much the same tools that we use to master human language. Our beaver’s vocabulary is set to a handful of words and phrases right now. To see a full translation of its recognized natural human speech, visit Producteev’s Natural Language Capabilities at our Support Center.

Now to the good stuff: What can I do with the beaver’s vocabulary? Talk to it, naturally! Pun intended.

For example,

You can create new tasks. From any Producteev application (web, iPhone, e-mail, IM, Gmail gadget…), type @Smith payroll on Friday. Your colleague Smith is then assigned the task of completing payroll, and Friday’s due date is conveniently added.

Or, you can retrieve task lists, like tasks that are due for the day. Send us an e-mail or IM using /today. When the beaver sees the forward slash, it knows you need help finding something. We’ll then provide you with a complete list of all of your tasks due by the end of the day.

And, you can reply to reminder notifications. When an e-mail message or chat box appears giving you a gentle nudge about a task, talk back with the word done. Voila! That task is now registered as completed. The IM platform is the only platform that needs a heads up; if you open a chat box on your own, please remember to grab the task URL (ex: when communicating. In other words you have to help IM catch the specific task you want to work with.

Otherwise, kiss syntax goodbye. The benefit of having a beaver as your virtual personal assistant is that you can type, write, or reply in any manner that’s comfortable for you. That’s the Producteev touch, task management that works the way you do.

Need a visual? View our 4-minute screencast tutorial to see this feature in action.

For more info, your Support Center is just a click away. Come visit today!
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