Crowdsourcing a task on Producteev: online collaboration without limits

People no longer have to register for Producteev to collaborate together. This is good news for EVERYONE!

For Producteev users:
Any created task can be made public in one click. Simply select the facebook or twitter icon in the task details. A short URL for the public task will appear, indicating crowdsourcing was successful.

Your public task can then be broadcasted in your networks (facebook, twitter, email). To broadcast the public task via facebook or twitter, enter your facebook/twitter credentials to share the task on your wall or in your timeline. You will have the option to comment on the crowdsourced task, just as you would with any other link that you share via facebook and twitter. Instantly access your crowdsourced task by clicking View from the task details. Once a task is complete (yay!), or you’d like to remove access for any reason, it can just as easily be closed with the Make Private option in the task details.


For collaborators:
Any person with a link to the public task can participate. Comments and feedback are easily added: using Producteev — or for non-users — facebook or twitter credentials. A collaborator also has the option of email-subscribing to public task updates in one click.All comments and public tasks will match on both the crowdsourced link, as well as a Producteev user’s workspace (dashboard). Users can answer any collaborators’ questions, or simply add additional commentary, from within their workspace. Simply post a note to the public task from the Task List or Task Details page. It’s that easy! Your collaborators will see feedback immediately!


Pretty nice to be able to collaborate without the extra steps of registering, right? We think so. You’ll have some great tasks to crowdsource now, and we’d love to hear all about them. :)

Should you need ideas to help you get started, below are 10 examples:
Personal Productivity

  •   plan a trip
  •   raise donations for a cause
  •   ask for assistance doing term paper research
  •   plan a night out with your friends
  •   hunt for an apartment

Productivity for your Business

  •   get help with hiring
  •   collect small-scale feedback on a new feature, product, or prototype
  •   get tips for making event reservations
  •   find vendors, get help with important purchases
  •   receive other recommendations