Deadlines? What deadlines? We’re developers! ;) Interview with @csuwldcat of @mozlabs

Producteev is way better than RTM! 

Pretty much ;) One year ago, that’s what they said!



Like his t-shirt gives away, Daniel Buchner is a developer with heart! He currently works at Mozilla as a product manager, is married, has a pet dog, and goes mountain biking for fun.

Daniel manages his entire workflow on Producteev, which at the moment includes the supervision of three engineers. He also takes advantage of our multiple workspaces feature and is hacking away on a fancy side project. Shhh, it’s in stealth mode!

As a devoted product manager, he admits to occasionally being behind on deadlines. His advice for staying on track, in spite of minor setbacks?

When a task is late, don’t just ignore it. Change the deadline, and write the reason(s) why in the notes. 

Good call, Dan! He adds:

Producteev really has the right set of features for developers! It’s way better than RTM, in my opinion. Especially how it’s organized. The UI, sidebar, filter….are all great details! There’s a decent set of standard features. 

Daniel, like many of you, is a Google and Android fanboy. Here at HQ, we’re working on building even better Google integrations, as well as finishing that native Android app! The latter of which includes deadline modification notations. :)

Stay tuned for another exciting product manager story, with our very own Stephane!

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