Delivering Your Requested Features: All-Day Tasks & Active Task Counter

You requested. We delivered. Enjoy these new features from the Producteev team!

All-Day Tasks Set a day-specific deadline without assigning the time.


Use NLP to set a day-specific deadline via web, e-mail and IM, and your task will fill the entire day. The SCHEDULE IT pop now offers blank fields for the time, unless otherwise specified. Default reminders have been removed as well, for your convenience.

Active Task Counter Easily see the number of active tasks for any field in the left sidebar (filters, labels, people…).


Refer to the right of the selected field. In this instance, there are 4 active tasks Due Today.

Keep letting us know how we can make Producteev work the way you do. Submit your ideas on UserVoice today!

  • Alan Beam

    The link to UserVoice no longer works. Do you still have something like this for submitting ideas for features that could be added to the product? Thanks!