GTD Up Close: Part I, Labeling Your Workspace

A Producteev workspace complies with Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology using the following label system, complimented with other Producteev features. This blog post borrows ideas from “Part I: The Art of Getting Things Done” of David Allen’s three-part book.

The benefit of organizing your to-do list on Producteev with GTD methodology is having to remember less so that you can do more.

You can get things done on Producteev in the following steps:

  1. Create and send actionable items into your Producteev workspace.
  2. Organize the items.
  3. Process and review items until they are complete.

*Note: If completing a task will take a matter of minutes, and you have the time to do so on the spot, you should complete it right then rather than procrastinating by adding it to your to-do list ;)

Basic elements of a GTD workspace include the following labels:

·      Waiting – for tasks that you are waiting on someone else to complete

·      Next action – for tasks that do not have deadlines, but need to be completed as quickly as you are able

·      Someday/maybe – for items that you are considering doing

·      Reference – for holding onto and easily accessing important information

Calendar items, or tasks with deadlines, will be covered in greater detail next time. For now, calendar items do not need a label, but instead will be an integral part of your workspace.

Tricky Features

Once you have the above labels and calendar elements set in your workspace, you’ll be able to use Producteev features with them. Here is list of a GTD-compliant features.

Waiting Assign tasks.

Next action Prioritize tasks with our 1-5 starring system.

Someday/maybe Perform reviews with our weekly digests.

Reference Attach files. Retrieve items with our search function.

Calendar Filter tasks, ex: Hot! Sort by deadline. Select calendar view.

This scratches the surface of how to apply GTD concepts on Producteev. We’ll cover tasks with deadlines next. In the mean time, you can try the labeling system and see how it works for you.

Allen encourages practical review of methodology, and you can let go of practices that you do not find helpful with Getting Things Done. If you already apply GTD material to your workspaces, we’d love to hear more! Tell us how you have adopted the methodology and modified your workspace to be GTD-friendly.

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