How to slack, I mean COLLABORATE with fellow students #ProducteevEDU

Now that shared workspaces are free for students, class collaboration on Producteev may be used to lighten your load this semester!

Having never been in a fraternity or sorority, it’s safe for me to serve as an expert in terms of Greek organizations, and an well known joke/fact about them is that members are in cohorts to cheat on exams. ;) More specifically, and to my shock and naïveté, certain fraternity organizations, keep private libraries of all course examination materials – for every single course known to man, or at least registered in the directory of classes. In turn, these materials are lent to members for “studying” purposes.

The following is a powerful paradigm, and potentially controversial concept, to introduce. However it is possible and possibly more beneficial in the long-run.

Producteev accepts virtually all file attachments and is known to store documents.

In theory, Producteev can be used to divide group assignments, distribute coursework, store documents (notes), and share them. Thus, individual group members have more time to do other things, like facebook! :P

If there weren’t Cliff’s notes or internet resources at your disposal, couldn’t the above method of shared note-taking via *team assignment*, in collaboration with document storage and previewing/downloading/printing be used to minimize efforts on the individual? Granted, there will be more team efforts and awkwardness, or maybe even pain in having to figure out team processes. However, the skill and experience of teamwork is infinitely more valuable and applicable to the workforce for that matter – than any single gain from having worked alone.

Though we’re not saying that a distributive and collaborative system as previously described is appropriate for all situations, but we do challenge you to be aware and open to situations where it would be effective (and absurd not to)! Should you go this route, teams of 3-7 persons are recommended for accountability, as well as manageability, purposes. In addition, regularly scheduled checkins, i.e. weekly reports/assessments are encouraged!

So why not use existing google products to collaborate this way? Well, we’re better looking, for one!

More importantly, we make it our mission to push boundaries of multi-platform integration and close-knit collaboration.

Let there be no pressure to do as the Greeks do, but let there be encouragement to always be creative, to do good, and to work together. Especially in regards to the intelligent application of technology. :)

Producteev is one such technology to help make your life easier! The ProducteevEDU initiative offers free premium plans for students.