How you could use Producteev for your meetings

I just stumbled upon a blog post by Fred Wilson where he discusses how discussions have turned out to be a more productive setting than presentations during his firms board meetings.


Indeed, discussions can be extremely productive ways to hold meetings, but if matters are just discussed you will encounter the risk of “just talking” as opposed to creating actionable tasks from what has been discussed.

Producteev is a great tool to capture tasks during such a discussion. In producteev, you can quickly create tasks while you are discussing. So in a meeting you could have one person taking protocol of what actionable tasks have been identified and put them into producteev. In a next step, tasks can be assigned to specific people and deadlines on tasks can be set (and of course, you can also use many more fatures that come natively in producteev to manage these tasks)

Here is what we do here at Producteev:

For each meeting where we have discussions, we use the create tasks field to capture all the action items we identify during our discussion in the recipient box:


After the meeting, we just assign the tasks to the team member who will be in charge…


…set a deadline for the task…


…and there you are!

Producteev is a simple and efficient way to help you keep track of what has been said during your discussion meeting.
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