Find out how Karl uses Producteev to help juggle work, home and volunteering!

What do you do Karl?
I’m a business analyst for Agile Frameworks ( in the Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN area.  Agile Frameworks designs and builds technology solutions that automate field data collection, quality control and client delivery of documents for the AEC industry.  My core responsibilities include writing and managing the business user requirements for the technology solutions we develop.
How do you manage your busy schedule?
Like any Producteev user, I too juggle tasks required at work, at home, at volunteer organizations, etc.  The lines between “personal” and “professional” are not as distinct as they once were.  Producteev helps create some order around the tasks and actions I have planned so I can rely on my system at any time for the next thing I have time, energy and resources available for.
How did you find out about Producteev?
I discovered Producteev about three years ago.  It was at the same time I was starting to read and better understand David Allen’s “Getting Things DONE” (GTD) book and approach.  I was intrigued, but I knew my GTD system needed a technology-based solution.  It’s just the way my mind thinks and acts.  I started doing some searches for and trying various GTD apps.  I ran across Producteev and decided to give it a try.  It stuck (for a while…).  I’ll be honest too – I stopped using Producteev about a year ago, as I really needed a better tablet (iPad) solution for my GTD app.  During this time, I had a job change and needed to re-evaluate my task management solution, as I now had a mixed-OS environment (Windows on my Desktop, Android on my phone, iOS on my tablet).  Producteev had made some significant changes to their website tool and introduced an Android phone app during this time.  I decided it was time to head back to Producteev, and I’m glad I have.
How does Producteev help you?
Simply put, Producteev really helps me achieve order in my tasks and next actions.  I utilize the email integration capabilities daily so I don’t have to create tasks from scratch in Producteev.  This helps me achieve a “zero email inbox.”  Workspaces help me organize tasks related to larger focus areas (work, personal, home office, home maintenance, errands, etc.).  Labels help me classify the contexts of my work (phone, email, computer, face-to-face meeting, etc.).  Repeating tasks help me keep order in my personal finances.  I know each month what dates I need to reconcile or pay various statements.  As soon as I complete those tasks for  the month, I know the next occurrence is queued up and waiting for me when the time comes.  No need to “remember” any of this, as I trust my system.
Why I enjoy working with Producteev.
I’ve really enjoyed working with the Producteev team as an active user of the tool.  I’ve used a variety of tools and have gathered some overall best practices that have worked very well for me.  I think that I can speak on behalf of many of the users in the user community in saying that some additional enhancements to the tool will make Producteev and even stronger tool and player in the task management space.  I’m personally really excited to see how some “hot topics” in the user community forum will eventually be addressed (fingers crossed).  A sampling of some “hot topics” include…
  • Having a dedicated iPad app (versus an iPhone app displayed on an iPad screen).
  • Better sub-tasks.  I really look forward to being able to manage certain tasks as “projects” (more than one task).  I would really love to see the ability to assign the same type of metadata (due dates, labels, notes, etc.) to sub-tasks that we can with “parent” tasks records.  Along with this, being able to see and manage sub-tasks on a mobile device (not just the website).
  • Universal (versus workspace-specific) labels / contexts.  At any given moment, I would love the ability to quickly see what tasks (across all workspaces) I could accomplish using a phone (context) because I have the time, energy and resources available to do so.
  • Etc…

What do you do when you have a task that’s overdue?


Overdue tasks happen for a variety of reasons.  They happen to all of us.  I simply re-evaluate my task / actions landscape and act accordingly (evaluate why the deadline was missed, reset the deadline if still applicable, delete the task if no longer applicable, etc.).

Thanks alot for participating Karl!