Interview with Producteev user @tonymorganlive!

Tell us about yourself
 I’ve been married for 20 years. Emily and I have four kids ranging from ages almost 7 to 17. I used to be in local government. I was a city manager. In 1998, I transitioned into church ministry. I’ve worked for three large, fast-growing churches each with several thousand people attending. It was through those experiences that I began writing and speaking to leaders. In 2009, I launched my own business to provide consulting and leadership coaching.
What do you do?
  I’m the founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Tony Morgan Live, LLC. We help leaders and organizations get unstuck. The solutions we offer include consulting to help organizations get healthy and have highly effective leadership teams. We also offer leadership coaching. Of course, most of the engagement I have with leaders happens through the daily content we deliver at
  How do you manage your busy schedue?
 Well, I mentioned I’m married and a dad to my four kids. On top of that, I’m in my third year of launching my own business. I’m very involved in the ministry of my church. And, I’m active with social media to stay connected with leaders throughout the world. I’m always busy, but I’m super-committed to staying healthy. That begins with setting priorities. My faith comes first. My marriage and family come second. Making money to put food on the table comes third. Staying healthy begins with priorities, but it’s executed through systems. The systems are where Producteev comes in.
How did you find out about Producteev?
 I found Producteev when trying to search for a solution for task management. I needed a web-based solution that provided access on my Mac computers and Android phone. I was also looking for something where I could track all my tasks for family, ministry and business. The bonus feature that I really love in Producteev is the ability to delegate tasks to different people depending on the “workspace” I create. As a leader trying to empower other people on my team, this has been a real important feature.
How does Producteev help you?
 I’m always explaining to leaders that “Teaching has the potential to shift thinking, but systems have the potential to shift behaviors.” Because of that, systems are very important. Producteev is flexible to support my task management systems. And, like I said, I can use that system with other people on my team. That’s the advantage over many other task management solutions that are available. My favorite features include the ability to assign tasks, create separate workspaces for different areas of my life, use labels to group like tasks, set up recurring tasks, and sync tasks across my Mac, my Android phone and my Kindle Fire.
 What do you do when a task is overdue?
  If it’s overdue, my first question is, “Do I still need to do it?” Many times a task ends up in the overdue category because it’s not a priority. When that’s the case, the best option is to use the delete button. The next question I ask myself is, “Who else can do this?” Again, most of what I do is empower other people. Leadership isn’t leadership unless it’s released to other people. Finally, if I determine it’s still my task, I prioritize and reschedule the task for the future. Of course, all of these filters are easy to implement using the tools built in to Producteev.