Introducing the “Dynamic” Task Timeline!

Timing is everything! We think so, too…

Yes, we listened! Many of you have asked us for better ways to manage your tasks with respect to the time and date. Here we are announcing our new timeline feature! We made it very intuitive for you – just like writing your tasks for the day in your daily planner, we added the possibility for you to directly add tasks in your timeline.

Now, if you hover over the timeline, you will find that you can add tasks either in the day, week or month view. Feel free to rearrange tasks freely on the timeline. Just as you are used to from tasks in the dashboard, a click on the task will reveal the power options such as scheduling reminders, assigning tasks to colleagues, and much more!


Monthly view: add tasks directly in the timeline!

So try it and let us know what you think:

  • Add tasks directly into the timeline
  • Rearrange tasks between days, weeks and months
  • Access task actions directly by clicking on the task

Eager to get everyone’s feedback!