Introducing you the first Email Task Management System!


We just improved the mail to task feature ! A LOT.

Our objective at Producteev is to plug our Task Management features into your WorkFlow, and now we just stepped up the Game with a VERY useful and crazy simple feature tied to your email.

If you don’t use it yet, let me remind you what it is. If you send an email to, we will automatically create a task on your Producteev dashboard. The title of the task is the subject of your email and the task description is the body.


So what’s new? In the new mail-to-task version, you’ll be able to assign your tasks directly to a specific to-do list, set a deadline, attach a file to a task, and share it with colleagues by entering their emails as you usually do when you email them. All of these features triggered by one single email!


- #DATE: Adds a due date to your tasks. For example add #12/23/2009 to your email and it will occur in your recipient box on Producteev with a due date for December 23rd.

- #TODOLIST: puts the task into one of your to-do lists. For example, add #Marketing in order to put the task into the to-do list ‘Marketing’.

- FILES: your attachments will automatically be added to the task.

- Colleagues: Put one or several colleagues as recipients of your email to share the task with them on Producteev (if they’re on your Producteev Team).


See, it’s created automatically on your Producteev Dashboard.

Then, we send you an automated mail to confirm that your task has been created in your Producteev account and access to the URL of your task. Four your information, when you set a deadline to a task, we create reminders that you and your colleagues will receive before the task is due.