Now Live: Improved Invitation System


Ever send an invitation, and lose it like a sock in the dryer? Now, you don’t have to! We’re glad to announce we’ve improved the invitations process.

The new People tab allows for easier organization with your invitations and collaborators. Access it from the gear icon near your workspace members, or click “Add a person” (in the left sidebar).

New users will have to create a free account, and existing users can log right in to start collaborating! That’s with the workspace admin’s approval, of course. ;)

Just for admins: Getting anxious? Re-send an invitation or share the invitation URL with your invitee, getting them to accept instantly.

Conversely, you can remove pending invitations with one click to help manage your number of workspace users.

Adding new collaborators has never been more convenient or secure. Now go get those missing socks!