It’s good to be 2!

Producteev Inc. turns two today! We can now do all these great things:
  • walk on our own two feet—look out, world :)
  • scribble vigorously on our fanpage, twitter, and blog
  • pick up small things, like bugs
  • open doors to our vibrant, online community
  • make entertaining videos—have you seen our screencasts?
  • share…that’s a big one, possibly the biggest

And, drumroll, please….saving the best two for last

  • show affection &
  • get into mischief!
Thank you so much for being a part of our early development stages. We appreciate each and everyone of you, and we promise to show you our tips & mischievous, little tricks in the very near future!
Ilan, Judi (our new community manager) and the whole Producteev team!