Let the Producteev Summer Tour begin!


Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls…

Did you know that there are 48 million tourists that visit NYC every year? We <3 NY and thought of a neat way to bring NY to you! Even if you can’t be one of the 48 million this year. ;)

This season kicks off the Producteev Summer Tour! We’ve been planning a unique way to highlight local attractions for some time. Today, with the arrival of our official foursquare cling (sticker letting visitors know they can check into a particular venue), we’re getting the party started!

We’re leaving tips all around NYC from our brand new foursquare account. Most of them will be secrets that only native New Yorkers usually know! Some of them will make fun of tourists from a local’s perspective. Either way, we hope they’ll be engaging and humorous. So, whatcha waiting for!? Add the Producteev Beaver as a friend and find out more about the city that never sleeps (or challenge yourself to complete to-dos should you decide to visit!)

Your Wellbeing in Mind
Valuing productivity means creating a healthy balance between work and rest. This summer is as appropriate a time as any, to remember to enjoy your surroundings and soak up some rejuvenating relaxation. Cheers & don’t work too hard! ;)
Photo Credit: Guiseppe