Make each day count twice (alt title: Think big, kick ass)

“Make each day count twice” – Bill Rancic, winner of the 1st season of The Apprentice and author of You’re Hired: How to Succeed in Business and Life.

In startup life there’s this saying that startup years are twice as long as regular years. The explanation, in most cases, has to do with longer hours. Although the thrill of being in a startup means learning new things at an unimaginable rate, the price means missing out on the comfort of a traditional 9-5!

In You’re Hired, Bill Rancic gives entrepreneurial advice and covers an interesting concept with creating “psychological edge” from essentially working two shifts in one day.

  • The first shift last from 7am-noon.
  • The second shift is noon-7pm.

*Lunch is ordered in and probably spent multi-tasking.

We’ve all heard about “the early bird catching the worm.” But what about Rancic’s “making each day count twice?” It might be what’s holding you back from that million-dollar breakthrough! ;) As you can see from the following photo of Donald Trump, it’s the kind of commitment required for entrepreneurs who mean business.


What do you think, worth a shot?

Photo credit: Ari Moore

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