Multiple Monitors can Improve Productivity!



The University of Utah  did a study were they financed $50,000 worth of monitors by NEC Display to various companies. The study concluded that productivity was higher with two monitors than with one. In today’s society we have multiple windows and applications open at the same time including, e-mail, internet, I.M, etc. making it hard to keep track of them all at once. People save about “10 seconds in every 5 minutes of work” which adds up over time and does not break the flow of work.  On the contrary having too many monitors can feel like a boundary isolating you from your colleagues and can make you feel more over whelmed.

  With that said, you’re better off just having two monitors because you’re eyes don’t have to focus on too many things at once. Your eyes can just sweep over all the tasks without interruptions.  This way you will definitely have room for Producteev ;-) on your screen for maximum work productivity.


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