New Duplicate Workspace Feature!

You can now create a new workspace without retyping all of your tasks and labels!


This new and highly requested feature will let you create template workspaces.

You can start a template with pre existing tasks from another workspace to make your life easier.  This is especially helpful if you have a business and you want to create a new workspace for each of your projects that contain the same tasks.
You can duplicate: labels, colleagues, completed tasks and active tasks.  The colleagues that you invite will receive e-mail notifications with their invitation.

This feature is just available for the web app for now.  It is accesible from the workspace drop down list by hovering the workspace you want to duplicate.

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  • J Lee

    is this feature available on the free version or just the paid version?

  • G. Hernandez

    It would be incredibly helpful to be able to duplicate task- I cannot find this feature though. Does it exist? Is it on your product roadmap?

  • Mike Hammett

    This is hte only “documentation” I can find on the templates and it refers to workspaces, which I can’t find any reference to within the application.

  • Miqui Pocres

    Is this feature still available? I can’t find it and it would mean choosing another software to Productive.

  • adam16ster

    non-existent feature?

  • James Pollock

    Does this important feature actually exist? It doesn’t seem to be available?

  • Brandon Hopkins

    I don’t see this feature anymore from the mac client or the web.