Subtasks are Now Available on the iPhone App!

Now the new iPhone App can do just about everything, so you can be more productive!

With the added subtasks feature you can now: view, edit, create, reorder or set your subtasks as done!  All your existing subtasks will be synced at first launch.

We have also included Push Notifications with sound that is now enabled.

You can now create a new label on any of our apps by typing a hashtag before the word and your new label will appear.  Example:  #yournewlabel will automatically create a new label called #yournewlabel.

You can now turn on and off your team’s tasks!  This feature gives you the option to view only your tasks or to view everyone’s tasks in your workspace.  We have also fixed various display bugs on the App making it more perfect and user friendly.

Update your iPhone app here :

PS: Yes, subtasks are coming very very soon to our other apps




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