New Task Features and a New Task Detail

Hi everyone,

To become an even more powerful and robust Task Management application, we wanted to bring you more features, much more features. Here they are :

- Set a context to your tasks : Home / Mobile / Office


- Progression Bar : you can set the completion on every task, and see it even when the task detail pop up is closed


- Set a deadline : Now you can set a deadline to all your tasks and set a reminder. We’ll introduce soon a new timeline view with your deadlines + an export to your fav calendars

- Snooze : Thanks to this feature you can create Recurrent Tasks, which was a greatly requested feature. Daily, Weekly, Montly, you choose!

- Ping : My favorite new feature :) Now you can Ping your colleagues about a task you shared with them. What does it mean? Select their names, and click on Ping, it is going to send a notification on all of their services connected to Producteev (email, IM, twitter…)


- Attach a file to a task : YAY! Now you can attach a file to any task, and every file will be stored and opened from the “Files” tab. We are trying to keep our 3 tabs (Dashboard, Live Feed and Files) interconnected to each other


- Assign a task to a colleague from the Task Detail : Just select the names, and click “Share”, it’s that simple.
Hope you like those new features, and please continue to give us your feedback, we love it!

Stay tuned for more disruptive developments very soon :)