New UI, I heart you

Find things faster

Search & Notifications



Search just got smarter. Not only did the search feature move from the footer to the top left, it’s also more powerful with the ability to search beyond task titles. It now looks through all workspace information. just your tasks. Search all task titles of all workspace members.

Notifications of team activity has moved to the far right. Collapse the feature and scroll. Notice anything different!?!

Move quickly and efficiently

View & Sort



List and calendar view are now just beneath the task line. You’ll also find the new sort feature there, giving you more convenient access to re-organizing your workspace.

Multiple Workspaces



At least one of our fans is crying tears of joy right now. Navigation between workspaces is much cleaner. Enable the multiple workspace drop down to show all your workspaces. Drag and drop to change the order. You no longer have to go to settings! Finally, add a workspace in the drop down.