“Producteev Applications” now fueling TechStars selection process

TechStars, a seed capital and mentorship program for startups, now has its application process managed by Producteev.



So anytime someone has startup ideas they want to submit as an application to TechStars, from start to finish— it will be overseen by the nifty “Producteev Applications” product.

“Producteev Applications” offers effortless collection, management and collaboration around your organization’s applications (Universities, HR Departments, VC firms…). More information on this new product soon.

If you’ve got the next stellar submission, go for it at http://techstars.producteev.com!
A New York program is being launched from January 10 to April 8, 2011. The deadline is November 21st before the strike of midnight, so get a move on it!

Good luck!

PS: If you’re an organization or institution interested in having your own “Producteev Applications,” email contact at producteev.com today!

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