#ProducteevEdu: Organize. Collaborate. Get more done. Enjoy college!


Awesome news: starting with the new school year today, we’re launching Producteev for Education and giving away our Premium plan to anyone with a .edu address.

Students are one of the most common demographics on Producteev. They use it for everything from managing their homework to keeping a simple shopping list. But, with Producteev’s freemium model, it’s been pricey for students to collaborate with others. Now it’s free!


With ProducteevEdu, you can now easily manage tasks for yourself or with your group, classmates, professors, and more – the possibilities are literally endless. And using our web, native, and mobile apps, you can take your tasks to go and manage them from anywhere!

Remember Producteev integrates with students’ favorite tools too, so you can sync with Google Calendar and email in a task! With our newest crowdsourcing feature, you can even keep a workspace completely private but get help on a specific task by sharing it on twitter, facebook, or over email in one click!

Producteev for Education is already being embraced by superusers and newbies. After doing a private demo at Columbia University (two team members’ Alma mater), student governments, developer groups, and labs on campus have contacted us about getting it implemented in their environment.

We’re really excited about how students will use Producteev! We hope you’re excited too, so don’t put off productivity a minute longer – sign up today!

Bonus: Anyone can use their unique sign up URL to refer peeps and have a chance to win a Kindle, iPod, or even access to the awesome Producteev3 beta! =)

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