Producteev for Students: Breeze Through that To-Do List!

Producteev (the ultimate to-do list application) makes it easy for you to schedule not only your coursework, but also a life outside of it!
What comes to mind at the mention of the word ‘school,’ or ‘college’? Ok, besides the parties! ;) It’s all the things you have to do, right? This is where the syllabus is your guide! Use it to get things scheduled and out of sight, out of mind. That way, you can enjoy other things (pssst, where’s the party Friday night?)How Producteev can help you lead an active social life ;)

  • Plan your complete syllabus. That’s right, plan ahead to have more time later.
    With each syllabus, scan through assignments, plot titles and due dates accordingly, on any Producteev application (web, mobile, desktop). Tip: set
    reminders to give yourself a little nudge. These are available via e-mail, IM.
  • Label to-dos. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. ;) Assign a ‘label’ to each class. This helps you file them and provides a good visual, in addition to our calendar view.
  • Add notes to anything. Now don’t get carried away, though you’re probably suspect for getting note-happy!  The caveat is to make notes action-oriented so that you’re actually helping yourself move forward, instead of just collecting useless information. Tip: click on the number of notes (to the right of a task title) in your task list to expand the note window.
  • Free & collaborative. Study buddies? No problem! Sign up below for the completely free version for groups and individual students!
  • Procrastination just got easier! ;) Well, more like, you can move deadlines around with ease. Adjust dates, as your schedule sees fit. You can either change due dates in the SCHEDULE pop up, or from the Calendar View.

Bottom line for newbies:

Ridiculously easy interface. Not a tech-whiz? No problem! Just one look at the interface, and you will see that it is very basic and user-friendly. There are also video tutorials to help you get started, as well as additional videos to help you get moreso into the nitty-gritty.

It’s never too late, but why wait? Sign up to begin using Producteev for Education now! Doing everything you’re expected to do as a student is now a piece of cake!

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