Producteev Helps you Make it Rain $$$ with your Side Job!

Things get pretty hectic when you’re a student that is struggling to balance course work on top of a side job. But with  Producteev for Education, you’re in luck! 
Step One: Create separate workspaces for your studies, and your job. 
You must must MUST designate a workspace exclusively to your job. It’s up to you if you would like a separate workspace for each of your classes, or just one for all classes. For the sake of organization, it would be most helpful if you can view all work-related matters in one glance. So if you’re using one workspace, organize projects/aspects of your life with labels. If you’re using several workspaces, the overview will show you all tasks across all workspaces.
Step Two: Plot, Prioritize, Organize Tasks
Let’s assume that you’re using one workspace for any side jobs. Labels will basically serve the purpose of colored tabs and organize your to-do list by category. 
Example Jobs:
Babysitting- Got a lotta clients with pesky kids? At least your workspace can stay neat! Assign a different colored label for each client. Or if if only have one or two clients, you can assign a color for each major task, such as yellow for picking kids up from school, blue to drop off for piano lessons, and red to help them with a school project.
Dog Walking- Same as above, you can assign a color for each client. Or you can assign different colored labels for different routes- purple for ‘around the block,’ orange for ‘through the park,’ and green for ‘past the arcade-where-the-cool-geeks-are.’
Step Three: Let Producteev Make Decisions Easier For You
Once you have tasks plotted and starred, take advantage of the ‘sort by’ feature to decide on what to check off next. You can sort by: deadline; date created; label; last changed; manager; priority; and title.

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