Producteev is on the French Radio !

Hi everyone,

If you follow us on Twitter (@producteev and @ilan), you might have seen that we’ve received some press coverage in France.

As you know, our Founders are originally from France (even though we now have a real multinational team), and part of our traffic is coming from France too, so we try to remain active in the French Landscape.
(FYI, Producteev is available in English, German, Spanish and French)

Lately, we’ve been talked about on several leading tech blogs in France.  Here are some of the blogs we


‘ve been published on :

-, @vincentabry
-, @bdescary
-, @vendeesign
- Tapahont, @Rrfly

Thanks guys for talking about us !

But that’s not all ! The French Radio BFM the top business radio in France, talked about us on October 31st  in their two-hour weekly show “L’atelier Numerique”. If you speak French, you definitely have to check it out ! Either go to iTunes to download the podcast or click here to listen to the specific part about Producteev.


Thanks to Antoine and Renaud from the show for selecting us.

Talk to you soon!