Producteev Redefines Task Management with New Breakthrough Product

Producteev Redefines Task Management with New Breakthrough Product

Producteev Two Gives Users the Fastest, Most Seamless Way to Stay Organized and On Top of Tasks Across All Platforms and Communication Channels

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New York, NY (PRWEB) June 2, 2010 — Producteev, a leading provider of cross platform task management, announced its breakthrough new product, Producteev Two. By plugging into the broadest array of popular communication tools, Producteev Two extends users’ ability to efficiently capture tasks, email-based action items or schedule deadlines, using whatever communication channel they prefer. The product, free to individuals, connects to a myriad of popular communication tools, so scheduling tasks is a seamless experience that doesn’t require any change in users’ workflow. People can now use a task manager without having to go to a web app if they don’t want to. They can send tasks from their email or IM and get notifications back. The company’s goal is to redefine the task management landscape, and help users achieve peace-of-mind by liberating individuals and teams from having to manage their tasks, workload and deadlines through their email inbox, since existing solutions have thus far fallen short.

In addition, the company announced the launch of Producteev Two for the iPhone and the planned release of its desktop client for the Mac platform, which will be available later this month. The mobile app, also free, works offline and syncs in the background when the user goes back online; it also sends push notifications. Producteev Two for the iPhone will be available for download on the iTunes App Store imminently.


“I’ve seen hundreds of project management systems and tested dozens, and none of them come close to Producteev Two. This product is the first that actually works the way I do,” stated Armando Corrales, a Producteev Two user.

The way people work today has grown increasingly complex with the use of multiple computers for work, home and travel, plus email, mobile, IM, desktop and the web. Although numerous productivity tools have been available for a long time, they haven’t kept pace in helping users stay connected to the growing array of communication tools that they’ve adopted. Users are encumbered more than ever before at trying to manage their email inboxes and with the new assignments and to-do items that arrive each day by way of email. Findings from a January survey by Harris Research concluded:


  • While email remains the preferred method of collaboration, many respondents complained they receive too much irrelevant email (40%) and that they lack the ability to collaborate in real time (32%). End users also dislike the fact that large volumes of email come into their inbox with no organizational structure (21%).
  • In addition to email, the Harris poll found that other applications being used by respondents to collaborate with others in the workplace include shared spaces (66%) instant messaging (34%), and social networking (17%) among others.

“I’ve seen hundreds of project management systems and tested dozens, and none of them come close to Producteev Two. This product is the first that actually works the way I do and doesn’t force me to go through additional steps of launching new applications or visiting another online site for every little update,” stated Armando Corrales, a small business owner and Producteev Two user based in Lynchburg, VA.


“Five years ago, we used email much differently than the way we use it today. At Producteev, we recognized it was important to help our customers harness email for what it does best—communicating, but we also needed to facilitate how people capture tasks with a complementary tool that plugs into a broad range of communication tools that are used daily,” stated Ilan Abehassera, Producteev’s co-founder and CEO.

Producteev Two helps individuals and teams get things done as efficiently as possible so they can be better organized, in control of their workload, and ultimately more at-ease. With Producteev Two, users won’t have to worry about forgetting tasks, important things to do or missing deadlines due to an action item being buried in their email inbox. Key features include:


  • A simple, highly intuitive user interface for easy access to features such as: creating or assigning tasks, setting deadlines, scheduling alerts, and adding labels.
  • Turn emails into action-based tasks that can be customized later with notes, file attachments, hotlinks and tracking. Just forward emails to ( for automatically creating to-do lists and reminders.


  • Skip needless, time-consuming steps as Producteev Two captures tasks and actions fast, taking only between 1 to 3 clicks.
  • A Gmail Gadget plugs directly into Producteev Two so users can quickly see and manage important tasks from Gmail.

More Connected

  • More than just a web-based solution, Producteev Two supports numerous platforms, including the web, desktop and mobile, enabling users to sync all of their tasks, across multiple devices, in real-time.
  • Supports various online IM services, including Gtalk, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, ICQ, and Twitter to help capture important tasks immediately.
  • Implemented with Facebook Connect on the web, desktop and iPhone, users can invite colleagues or can jump into Producteev to update their to-do lists.

More Social

  • Collaborative task management is a breeze with shareable workspaces. Private social networks can be created around a team, and tasks can be assigned to members, with real-time transparency. A user could set up a workspace for work, another for school, and another personal one.
  • A planned API gives developers access to all of Producteev Two’s features, enabling them to develop a custom plug-in that sits on top of Producteev.
  • The Producteev Academy is a social feature that lets teams compete on being the most productive so they can earn recognition in a fun way.

Producteev Two is available immediately and is free for individuals or is available for businesses to purchase from a selection of plans.
Link to business limited free trial version:
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Based in New York City, Producteev is a leading provider of cross platform task management tools. Producteev Two was designed to help individuals and teams be more organized and in control of their workload to attain peace-of-mind. Producteev’s solution connects email to a broad range of popular communication tools, seamlessly bringing them into a user’s work environment, without requiring them to change their workflow. Producteev supports numerous platforms, including the web, mobile and desktop, enabling users to sync all of their tasks, across multiple devices, in real-time. For more information, interested parties may visit

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