, your Group Task Management application is now launched!

Hi there!

As you might have heard, we launched the real deal, the “Out of Beta” version of on September 2nd.

The buzz has been all around the place, and we’re pretty amazed by the awesome feedback we got, thanks for all your emails, tweets and uservoice messages!

Producteev is a very well-designed online task management and collaboration service for individuals and small groups” – Frederic Lardinois / ReadWriteWeb

We introduced a few things and a brand new interface that are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already:

- New Interface : Whole new visual identity, with simple and well thought look and feel.

- 4 languages : English, French, Spanish, German

- Interactive Guide / Tutorial : Let you guide by our interactive tutorial that you can find by clicking on the “?” at the top of your Producteev dashboard.

- New features :
> Reporting : that lets you receive and download customized reports based on your work activity
> Smart Filters : now you can create specific boxes in your dashboard based on some cross criteria like : all the tasks done, with a deadline ending this week.
> Shared To-Do lists : Create common To-Do lists with your colleagues, where anyone can add tasks, change the status of tasks, add deadlines,… VERY USEFUL.
> Timeline : You can now view your deadlines on tasks in a Calendar view. We’ll introduce soon integrations with iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar.

- Crowdsource Your Tasks : What if you could publish some of your tasks to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and get help from your worldwide network? Introducing “Crowdsource your tasks” : another step towards a next generation productivity application.

- Mobile Apps : We launched a new iPhone client, and it’s now entirely FREE, plus a great Android application. Both of them available on the AppStore and AndroidMarket.

- Live Feed : The Live Feed has been improved a lot, and we are starting to support other popular Productivity applications like SlideShare, Zoho Docs, Scribd… Just add your credentials in the “Services” menu, and we’ll retrieve your feeds from those apps in the Producteev Live Feed.

Plus many other things! Come check them out, and let us know your feedback!

Take care guys and talk to you soon!