Productivity Blocker: Family Obligations

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose how you manage their needs when they interfere with your other tasks.
Whether you’re a student, freelancer, or even a homemaker- there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to satisfy the needs of your family, in addition to your professional needs and goals.
The demands of family have a way of robbing you from time, thought, and energy that could have been placed towards a greater good that would ultimately benefit them. 
Scenario 1: Student and Worker
You’re a student with a job, and you’re living near or with your family. Course load is just as heavy as your workload. But you also have relatives that depend on you for tasks such as pickups/dropoffs, and accompaniment to appointments. As much as you enjoy giving them comfort with your assistance, you feel a mental strain by the end of the day, and you realize that no one could help you with your tasks as you did with theirs. How will you manage?
Solution: Schedule them in as tasks
You can use your free Producteev for Education account to create separate workspaces for school, work, and family. As you add family-related tasks, check on the overview to ensure that there isn’t going to be any overlapping. You should also make sure that you will have at least a few minutes in between tasks for transitioning purposes, because you wouldn’t want to lash out at anyone from being overwhelmed.
Scenario 2: Freelancer
You’re a freelancer juggling several clients. Each client is a drama case of their own. Some overwork and underpay you. Others demand you to work efficiently, but take their sweet time paying you for your services. And then there are those that leave you wondering just how long the assignment might really last. Aside from the tension of your mixed bag of assignments, your family needs you for financial assistance. You don’t want to say ‘no’ to them, but you also don’t know just how much you should stretch each dollar for yourself. Then they figure that since you don’t have a ‘real job,’ you will be able to help them with mundane tasks. What the heck?! How will you manage?
Solution: Schedule them in as tasks
Create a workspace that is a combination of family-related tasks, and family-related finances. You can set reminders for next month about your cousin Joey borrowing $500 from you, saying he will pay you back by then. You can also plot in having to help little Sarah with her science project, but consult the overview to make sure it doesn’t conflict with the designs and updated spreadsheets you promised the MegaClient.
Scenario 3: Homemaker
You’re a homemaker, and face it- you’re under-appreciated! A lot of the work you do goes unnoticed, because everyone in the household seems to take it all for granted. Only you truly know how time-consuming it is to complete each chore, especially with little to no help. In the middle of sorting through tasks, your family comes up to you, and asks you to make time for buying clothes and gifts for your teenage son. Or maybe they want you to bake a lot of cookies for little Dannys class party. But who is going to help you with your tasks? No one. You have to do all this on your own. How will you manage?
Solution: Schedule them in as tasks
Once you plot in your daily tasks for ‘home,’ you will be able to see openings for ‘family misc.’ So let’s see… while the clothes are in the washer, you could bake the cookies for little Danny. By the time the cookies are done and cooling, you can place the clothes into the dryer, then go online and browse through stores to shop at for the upcoming occasion.  By the time the clothes are finished drying, the cookies have fully cooled, and you will know which stores to target. Fold the clothes, pack up the cookies, and head out! Hooray for multi-tasking smart with Producteev! 
How good are you at balancing family obligations with your professional tasks/goals?