Q & A: How Producteev gets new grads’ gaming startup off the ground


Dave Chenell (center) and Eric Cleckner, recent Syracuse grads, use Producteev to power two startups.

The first is graFighters, where hand-drawn characters come to life in a virtual battlefield. The second is enormo.us, described by Dave as a “small, creative ad agency.”

Both ventures are funded by the university’s Student Sandbox incubator, which offers alum a shot at developing their tech ambitions.

With limited time and resources before take off, Dave and Eric needed a task tool that was sleek enough for rapid adoption and strong enough to house their imaginative concoctions.

Q: How did you choose Producteev?
Dave: We didn’t want a cumbersome system that got in our way. Producteev is a simple and lightweight tool that works with you.

How do you use Producteev?
Dave: We put all our tasks, milestones, and meetings on our Produceev hub. We have new projects coming in all the time so our favorite feature is sending tasks via email. In fact, that’s what got us sold on Producteev: email and social media integration.

Dave, smiling: Also being a gaming startup, we are a fan of the gaming elements…

This wraps up a second real-life example of a Producteev team. Take it from Dave, Producteev is a task app that’s easy to learn and easy to work with.  Thanks, @dave_chenell, for sharing your experience with us, and best of luck with your team’s endeavors!

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