Q & A: How Producteev benefits a team of 8 interactive media specialists


Jessie Eckert is an Interactive Specialist at Blind Acre Media. She appreciates fancy gadgets and uses Producteev with seven other people on her team in the firm’s strategy division.

Q: How do you use Producteev?
Jessie: I use Producteev to help my team as well as myself stay organized, determine priorities, delegate tasks, and track results.

My division uses Producteev for very important, smaller-scale tasks. We are lucky to have a team that works well together. It also helps that our workspaces and tasks are similar. Adding Producteev to our workflow has helped us accomplish tasks in a well-ordered fashion. I begin by organizing tasks by client, and I assign them accordingly to team members.

I have always been a ‘list’ person. If I had multiple tasks to be completed, my first instinct was to create a list. My one list always turned into multiple lists, and my original intention to not leave anything out was lost in the mix. With Producteev, I can see my task lists within separate workspaces, so I can prioritize and organize my day accordingly.

At first my team members were not as excited as I was about creating [to do] lists, but Producteev has gotten them into really great habits. Whenever they have a new task, they automatically add it to their workspace.

If ever we need to find a specific task, we search using labels. Labels, which are like tags or categories, allow easy navigation through our lengthy task lists.

Q: Describe your experience with Producteev.
Jessie: By far, my favorite feature of Producteev is the iPhone App. This App allows me to add tasks as soon as they are presented and check the status of a task when I am out of the office. Not only can I make sure deadlines are hit, I can stay on top of team tasks anytime. It is truly the perfect pocket management tool!

I have tried other services in the past, but nothing seemed to work. They were flaky, hard to navigate and seemed disorganized. With an easy to use interface, organized format and helpful tools, Producteev has been a workflow solution for us!

Although I am currently the only one using the Producteev iPhone app, I’m sure other members of my team would use a mobile app if they had a phone that supported it!

Thanks, Jessie, we’re working on building more mobile apps as we speak!

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