Q & A: How Producteev is “best match” for typical city dwelling married couple


Jessica and Calvin Gilbert are your typical city dwelling married couple that recently moved to the country and purchased a fixer-upper. Jessica is a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Education.Calvin is a graphic designer, web developer and social media strategist for a large non-profit organization.

They chose Producteev for simplicity and flexibility. They use it for just about everything, from getting household chores to web mastering DONE!

Q: Tell us about your experience with Producteev.

Calvin: I started using Producteev at my job to keep my day in order. Once we purchased our house, my traditional office job converted to a home office position.

I researched and tried many different task/project management tools and felt Producteev was the best match. What really sold me on Producteev, apart from the visually appealing interface, was the ability to control my tasks and projects via e-mail and instant messenger.This was HUGE! Before Producteev, I had to take my e-mail task and retype it into various online tools.

Q: How do you use Producteev?

Calvin: After using Producteev for two weeks I realized the site had way more potential than just keeping track of my work projects.

Jessica and Calvin: We created a shared workspace named “house”. In this workspace, we keep track of all the TO DO items we need to get done around the house. From painting the bathroom to dropping off donations at Goodwill, Producteev helps us get things done.

Tagging [labeling] projects and assigning them priority has helped simplify our lives. It is really nice to tag things we need to purchase “BUY” and things I need to do as “TO DO.” Being able to filter views by tags really helps us stay focused and complete items one by one.

Calvin jokingly: I also use Producteev to hunt zombies in the evening so….you’re welcome.

There you have it, another example of Producteev in the real world. Sign up today.

We hope you liked this first interview of a small team, in this case a married couple, in action! Thank you, Jessica & Calvin!

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