Q & A: How a church team gets things done with Producteev


Northland, A Church Distributed (www.northlandchurch.net) is a pioneering congregation focused on building an international community of worshipers. The church connects thousands of believers worldwide, bringing live, interactive streaming of its weekly services to the Web, Facebook, iPhone and Android mobile devices, Roku and other environments. Northland has several sites throughout Central Florida, as well many house churches and partner ministries around the globe. Northland’s worship services are a blend of foundational and modern worship and incorporate the latest in lighting, audio and video technology.

Rob Andrescik is the director of public relations.

Q: How do you use Producteev?
Rob: Northland’s media design team [with around 20 people] plays a key role in helping to create an environment where congregants connect. We never suffer from a lack of ideas, but we have often struggled with how to capture the best ideas and take action on them. As the creative team that serves all of the other departments in the church, we also needed a way to keep track of the many requests that we receive and the progress of those requests.

At any given time, there are about 75-100 active projects going on. Everything goes on a team calendar, which we review in a weekly meeting.

Over the years, we researched many different types of project management and tasking tools. We ultimately opted for Producteev because it helps our team to get things done and makes project management simple and convenient. It allows us to quickly make and receive assignments and helps us stay accountable to one another throughout the creative process.

The ability to add attachments to our tasks has provided a much-needed centralized system for our creative collateral.

The creative process doesn’t work on a schedule—inspiration comes at any and all times of the day. Producteev provides us with many ways to capture these ideas and assign them to people who can help make them happen—via iPhone, the Web, email…even instant messaging. It’s a great tool.

Describe your experience with Producteev.
Rob:Our team loves Producteev. I tell everyone about it.

The ability to turn emails into tasks has miraculously transformed the way we work. Most of our team members have iPhones, and the free Producteev app is great. The dashboard online is really helpful, too—showing you what other team members are working on, without getting in the way of your own tasks.

Personally, I am also a fan of the notes feature, google calendar sync, and natural language processing. I noticed that you are adding reports to Producteev, I’m eager to see how that works!

All in all, Producteev has been an extremely valuable tool for our team collaboration. I thoroughly recommend Producteev to anyone, because it’s easy and accessible.


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