Real Time Collaboration : Introducing Push Notifications

Everyone is talking about “Real Time” nowadays right?

Producteev is officially jumping into the bandwagon today, and is introducing some “Real Time” Collaboration features.

Indeed, @lasryaric has been telling us for a while : “I can do some push notifications on Producteev, let me do it!”, and we used to reply “Not on the roadmap yet…”. Classic Dev / Product team talks…

But finally, he took some nights and week-ends to show us that it was actually worth it, and indeed it was!

Introducing Real-Time Notifications on Producteev : When we say “Real-Time Collaboration” we are really saying that without refreshing your dashboard even once, you will see showing up in real time and highlighted :

- Tasks statuses udpated by your colleagues on shared tasks

- New Shared To-Do lists

- New shared tasks

- New Comments

- Tasks modified

- Tasks sent by E-mail / IM and Twitter in your Recipient To-Do list


Here is a quick screencast I just did, unfortunately I cannot embed it… so here is the URL :

Here is what I demo in this screencast : the scenario Josh and Eva are collaborating, they are students, I am on Josh’s dashboard.

1. Eva is creating a new Shared To-Do list (Finance Courses – Homework), showing up at the bottom, then I am dragging and dropping it

2. Eva is commenting on Josh’s task called “PHPBB”, the task is highlighted and there’s a new comment in the picto (on the left side)

3. Eva is adding a new task on our new Shared To-Do list (“Create the Brochure”)

4. And changing the status of the task

5. You can also notice the Gtalk notification window on the right that alerts me of a new task created.

All of this in REAL TIME, No refresh.

Now this is some cool stuff! Feedback appreciated!