Procrastination: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. #TaskChat Recap 9/27/11

The Twitter #TaskChat on procrastination this past Tuesday, Sept 27th was a raging success! The party was jamming well past the 1-hour mark! Everyone’s still talking about what a blast they had while exchanging humorous tid-bits on instances they procrastinated, and why they did so.
Here are all the questions that were asked, followed by entertaining collections of groupings of answers:
1) Which aspect of your life do you procrastinate on most?


@LeslieAJoy: I’ll procrastinate work with household chores.
@ABurgerADay: So does my wife! 
@Bydahway: I procrastinate on putting away folded laundry.
I also am told regularly that i procrastinate on settin aside time for myself- one day i’ll get to it
@Aaronrcouch I just realized my laundry is still in the wash from this morning but I’m currently in a Skype call
@aaronrcouch: What’s the difference between “forgetting” and “procrastination”?
@LeslieAJoy: HAHAHAHAHA. Forgetting is well, forgetting. Procrastinating you remember, but put it off. 
And “accidentally-on-purpose forgetting” is a hybrid of the two.
@RealSecurity: Forgetting is just forgetting. Procrastination is putting things off.  

2) Are your tasks too boring, or are you THAT sure of yourself that you will get them done when procrastinating?
@Bydahway: I’ve had experiences with both. But usually if its boring I just want to get it over and d one with.
@Tushark:  neither. I’m taking a big risk by procrastinating. If it’s not imp, it isn’t worth procrastinating!
@Cygnoir: I am overconfident, sadly.
@RebeccaH83: I procrastinate at anything data-entry based…but only if I KNOW it can wait. 
@LeslieAJoy: Neither. I’m just really easily distracted. My procrastionation tends not to be intentional.
@FarhanaRahman: How long on average would you say you tend to lapse away from tasks?
@LeslieAJoy: Anywhere b/t 15 minutes & 2 days. I’ve worked at keeping it down to a 30 minute avg though.
@ABurgerADay: The problem for me is that the tasks aren’t TV/movies or video games.

3) How often would you say procrastination benefited you? How exactly? 
@FarhanaRahman: It ised to help me out in college, because I ended up putting more effory into my work to cover procrastination.
@Bydahway: I used to for school projects and they usually ended up kickA$$ cuz i’d really throw myself into it 
@RebeccaH83: I never procrastinated on college course work. I was the one that had the paper written a week early.
@RebeccaH83: Hey! That’s just how I roll when it comes to papers/writing/ projects. I live to problem solve. 
@Bydahway: Procrastinated on ordering clothes online for my family & ended up w/ a 30% off discount code for the order!!!
@SilverSteelWolf: I wouldn’t call intentionally putting things off procrastination. 
@FarhanaRahman: Well what would you call it? 
@SilverSteelWolf: Postponing something?
@AskMarkHamilton: It made me realize that if you push things off long enough, they eventually become irrelevant enough to not do them
@SilverSteelWolf: Yes, that’s true. And it has burned me in the past, unfortunately.
@AskMarkHamilton: More importantly, it made me figure out what I could cut from my to-do list, and what made me suffer when I skipped it.
@LeslieAJoy: Same here!
@SilverSteelWolf: Ahh, that’s a good point. The stress of having things hovering over my head is something I always struggle with.
@AaronRCouch: a computer class I took bored me. I spent class time doing more advanced things then did all the work the last day it was due. 
@FarhanaRahman: How did that turn out?
@AaronRCouch: Aced the class!
4) Give an example of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ procrastination.
@SilverSteelWolf: Good: Intentionally moving a noncritical deadline to clear up time and mental energy for more important tasks.
@FarhanaRahman: Good: When you end up putting in more effort, no harm done. Bad- When it harms workload/colleagues/deadlines
@AskMarkHamilton: Bad- Anything that will cause disruption the next morning has to be done the night before. I have a routine! Good- Putting off stuff I know needs to get done to spend time with family :)
@Bydahway:  i agree-if its not critical & I’ll still have time til the deadline to get it done than family first 
@Cygnoir: I suppose ‘good’ procrastination can occur when you need more input to do something properly, vs. just doing it.
‘Bad’ procrastination occurs when you delay completion of tasks simply because they are tedious or discomforting
@LeslieAJoy: Good: Using procrastionation to ram through to-do list since you don’t want to do something on it. Bad: Fake breaks
@FarhanaRahman: I took countless fake breaks in college.



5)How are you (trying) to procrastinate less? 


@Cygnoir: Phone calls. I hate playing phone-tag! If I could handle everything via email, I would get so much more done.
@AaronRCouch: ditto. Email is way better IF its used correctly on both ends. But I do prefer phone for just talking 2 ppl Im close to.
@RebeccaH83: Oh, I completely agree! Email is the way to go 
@LeslieAJoy: I used to hate phone calls till I started working home. Now sometimes that’s the only voice I hear day
@AskMarkHamilton: there’s no single trick that works consistently every time to get myself to do things. mood changes from day to day, and sometimes you just don’t feel like doing stuff.@SilverSteelWolf: That’s the hardest thing to defeat. “Just not feeling like doing stuff.” 
@AskMarkHamilton:  it’s not always the hard to do tasks, but hard to start tasks as well. 
@RebeccaH83: I have to make lists. I start out every day with a list of what I need to work on.
@ABurgerADay: The best solution I can come up with, is to shun all technology and turn off the twitter. 
@SilverSteelWolf: That’s why I have @producteev!