Results In-House Developer Challenge, Cast Your Vote Today!

The results of our one-week In-House Developer Challenge are in! You now have two new apps to enjoy! Take a look at our entries and let us know which entry you think deserves the gift card prize.

Firefox Gmail plugin
Once installed, creating tasks from emails is easy. With one click of the plugin, a task will be created from the selected email. The subject line will be the task title and all opened email conversations will be task notes. As an added bonus, you can access your gmail from the task details! Just look for the link to go back to your gmail, and that way you can immediately reply to the sender!
To install
Restart firefox
Select a gmail conversation and add tasks with the newly installed plugin
Quick Add Bookmarklet
Now from any browser and any web page, conveniently add tasks using our quick add bookmarklet. Features include adding a task,



 selecting a workspace, assigning to an individual, setting a label, setting a priority, as well as including deadline and reminder information.
To install
Drag the “Add to PDT!” link to your bookmarks bar


Click on the bookmark from any website to add tasks
Submit your vote for the In-House Developer Challenge winner by Sunday, September 12, 2010 to have your vote count!
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