Did someone say roadmap!? We got you covered ;)

Thanks to those of you who’ve been persistent in getting roadmap updates from us! We even received the following feature request in our UserVoice idea forum:


We’re constantly improving the product, and here’s the short list of current projects:

  • mac desktop app: done; pending app store availability
  • native Android app: beta
  • surprise apps & features*: preparing for launch
  • subtasks: started
  • website redesign: started

*If we told you everything, it would kinda take all the fun out of it. ;)

The above list is in order of status, with the top projects being the most complete. Since we’re adding a few new pages to our website, the suggested Product Roadmap is under consideration as well.

More importantly :D we are open to empowering a small team of power users/brand ambassadors to take the lead with roadmap updates and become our Product Super Heroes. What this involves:

  1. working closely with the Producteev team
  2. serving as Features & Product liasons between the team and all users
  3. maintaining roadmap estimates on a monthly/bi-weekly basis (method & frequency to be determined)

The approximate time commitment is 1-2 hours/month. Piece of cake, right!? If this volunteer opportunity excites you, drop us a line at: community@producteev.com. Perks include product exclusives, handwritten thank you cards with smileys & hearts on them, swag, and other cool things.