Set a Priority on Tasks with our new Starring System


Let’s just say that this was one of the most requested features since our launch.

You wanted a way to prioritize your tasks, not just with one star, but potentially different levels of stars.

We took the time to think through that process, to make sure we would make the right decision, and there you go, here is the new “Priority” feature.

By clicking on the star, on the left of every task, you can now choose the level of priority for each of them : between zero (the grey star) and five (the red one)


Then when you need to start working on some task list based on their priority, you just need to click on the new “Sort by” filter that we added inside the bottom bar, select “Priority”, and that’s it. Your tasks are ranked by level of priority. You can apply that filter no matter where you are on Producteev : Filter, Labels, People…


Enjoy, and do let us know what you guys think!

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