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Managing a deadline-driven editorial calendar

Team Spotlight: Judi Huck — community manager, bug smasher, super hero

fave features:

  • notifications
  • calendar view

key benefits:

  • monthly planning
  • remote access
  • centralized location

Producteev is the glue of managing our online community. We use the online collaboration tool to coordinate our social media efforts, involving the administration of the editorial calendar, and to make sense of our compendium of platforms — primarily the blog, Facebook fanpage, and twitter account. The solution is ideal for handling various post frequencies (the blog target is 3-5 posts a week). Recurring tasks, such as monthly newsletters, can also be handled smoothly.

At the start of each month, the marketing team meets to discuss topics to be shared with the community, including micro-communities like 3rd party developers and other segmented audiences. All ideas are collected on Producteev, entered and organized using priority, labels and notes. To assist visually, we color-coded labels according to several factors including location.

Getting Things Done
Tasks that require writing, or producing content, are managed using the helpful notifications system. We select both email and IM notifications, depending on the situation, and set reminders anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 days prior to a deadline. Scheduling is also made easier with google calendar sync, which is available for individual or multiple to-dos and can be activated in a single click. SMS notifications are made possible by gcal sync, offering yet another way to stay on top of firm deadlines and ensuring that each day and each week follows the monthly schedule.

In addition, assignments can be tracked outside of Producteev’s web application. Drafts requiring revision can be emailed to task@producteev.com and instantly assigned to other team members. Upon completion of a certain article, for example, items can also be recorded as “done” simply by replying to an email or IM notification. From time to time, we retrieve information and pull our to-do list using natural language. For added benefit, unlimited email addresses can be connected to workspaces. Currently, we incorporate the workflow of 3 accounts, including a shared inbox.

Naturally, the need to quickly change dates and preserve oversight is important. For instance, a majority of the announcements made on the blog are product updates, which are subject to change. When development deadlines move around, it’s hugely convenient to drag and drop events in Producteev’s calendar view. “Non-planned” tasks, or tasks without deadlines, can be dragged and dropped as well, and any new ideas are recorded as they arise for later sorting on the calendar.

Switch between viewing by month or week in one click.


The Power of Review
Weekly digests further instill productive habits. Sent via email, the list of active tasks and projects help with getting the week in order and meeting goals.

When logging on, to-dos can be sorted by certain criteria. Other than sorting by deadline, sorting by label is handy and provides a categorized glimpse of more than one social media platform.

Finally, any stats on social media activity are added as attachments for later use during quarterly assessments. Virtually all file types are accepted, and these measurements provide key insight into overall campaign effectiveness. Producteev really serves its purpose as an interactive, centralized application for the high volume of simultaneous, ongoing responsibilities with developing online community.

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