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A Dating To-Do List: 12 Important Considerations on How to Flirt via @URwingman

Producteev can be used in all sorts of unexpected ways including – as soon to be described here – a to-do list on How to Flirt!

Don’t let your dating game lead to Game Over! Take it from Thomas Edwards, a successful, professional dating coach and satisfied Producteev user, and turn your night out into an awesome action plan.

Your absolute to-dos are simple:



In greater detail, our advice goes a little something like this:
Compliment your date. But don’t just compliment them for the sake of complimenting. Only compliment when it’s detailed and specific. This gives your words more meaning and makes you more believable. For instance, you can compliment your date on his/her personal style. In addition, you can shower dates with intellectual compliments. Geeks out there – this may mean telling that special lady friend how cool/sick she is for using a hot new new geo-location app. Don’t hold back! Complimenting shows that you’re thoughtful and that you notice details. With first impressions, this matters!

Tease your date and show him/her your playful side! Think of that time you were 5-years old and on an elementary school playground. Teasing actually offsets your compliments and keeps your date in full anticipation. It also keeps excitement running high that evening. But play nice when teasing! Your goal should always be to make your date laugh/smile by sharing something silly or surprising. The last thing you’d want to happen is to embarrass them. When at a loss for bright ideas, casually throw in a “that’s what she said” into the mix. This could work for ladies, as well as gents. Just make sure your interjection makes sense in the stated context, wouldn’t want to toss innuendo that’s inappropriate for the current convo. ;)

Touch your date to reinforce complimenting and teasing. This will likely be the hardest aspect to do well. However, try to make touching a natural part of your interaction. Suggestions in case you’re struggling include: *accidentally* brushing against your date’s arm when handing him/her a beer, or placing your arm on his/her knee when talking and leaning in. Still unsure what this should look like? Pay attention and people watch in a crowded bar or other social situation, and if someone looks like they know what they’re doing, they probably are. Don’t be afraid to ask them, how do you do it?! They probably won’t bite (though we can’t really guarantee anything here!). The bottom line is, touching amplifies not only your connection but also intensifies interactions.

Recap of essential flirting to-dos:

  • Recognize your date for his/her style
  • Stroke their intellectual ego
  • Notice details OTHER THAN purely physical ones and say nice things about them
  • Make your date laugh/smile
  • Throw in one or two “that’s what she said(s)”
  • Find a natural way to touch your date’s arm or knee
  • Don’t be shy to ask pro’s for further advice
  • For personal assistance, enlist a wingman (like Thomas!)
  • Get your dating to-dos on Producteev, available on multiple platforms and every device

Above all else, enjoy. Have fun on your date, that’s the entire point! Disclaimer: excessive alcohol is not recommended, particularly in initial stages of a romantic relationship.

For maximum efficiency and increasing the likelihood of a “win” or taking your date to the next “level,” alternate between the above to-dos and set them to recurring. ;) Before you know it, you’ll be flirting like a champ!


Thomas Edwards is the founder of The Professional Wingman. Deemed the real-life “Hitch,” Thomas helps singles find relationships and lead fulfilling lives through personal development. His unique approach focuses on dating strategy and lifestyle development. Thomas has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Fox Business, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Ebony Magazine and many more. You can follow him on Twitter.