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All systems are go, but here’s what happened…


This morning we had a bit of a human error, which, as a result we had to go offline for a few hours. Sorry this happened, it shouldn’t have and won’t happen again.
All is well now. Your tasks should be right where you left them. 
We appreciate your understanding and your giving us the opportunity to fix things. We’re taking additional measures to prevent this from happening in the future.
Feel free to visit Support to report anything that looks buggy.
Thanks much,



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Producteev Two : The (R)evolution in Task Management.

Hi Guys, Ilan here.


Producteev’s first Beta was launched last March. Since then, we’ve learned A LOT about Task Management best practices, what users want, existing solutions, deficiencies in our first versions, and where we can improve our product to best suit our customers’ needs, as well as new areas where we can innovate.


Well, after 6 months of intensive R&D, we’re vigorously working on Producteev Two. Our launch date is around May 2010, but early access will be given to users who want to help us by giving feedback over the next few weeks, just sign up here.


So what’s new in Producteev Two you might ask?


* First, we’re focusing entirely on ONE core aspect: Helping you and/or your team GET THINGS DONE. PERIOD.


* Second, we’re making simplicity a priority.


* Third, we want it deeply connected to your daily tools so expect improved integration.


* Fourth, third party apps. Think mobile apps plus we’ve got the web and desktop covered too.


* Fifth, enhanced functionality across the board, but you’ll have to wait and see to find out what we mean.


That’s just a sneak peek of what we’re working hard to create for you — our customers.  Right now, we have the pleasure of working with many of you closely to get your feedback and keep us on track for delivering the best task management solution to help you do your job at maximum performance. 

Talk to you soon! 


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