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Producteev’s Powerful Task Management Now Available in Google Apps Marketplace

Our team here is thrilled to officially announce the availability of Producteev in Google’s Apps Marketplace, Google’s online storefront for Google Apps products and services.

Google Enterprise just announced it on their Blog: http://googleenterprise.blogspot.com/2010/10/app-tuesday-brings-marketplace-apps.html

We’re super excited to offer Google Apps account holders a fully integrated Gmail Contextual Gadget.  Our Gmail Contextual Gadget basically extends Producteev’s recognized ease-of-use and takes it to a new level by bringing powerful task management functionality directly into Gmail for Google Apps. Google Apps account holderswill find that they can stay connected and collaborate more efficiently, while becoming better organized and in control of their workload. Who wouldn’t welcome that?

The way Producteev’s Gmail Contextual Gadget works is that a widget gets added at the bottom of a user’s email that lets them to link a task between Producteev and an email, so they can quickly create a task directly from the email. Once the task is created, it ties into Producteev’s powerful platform, enabling the user to easily retrieve the information of that task within the email or access it through a broad range of communication channels, including an iPhone app, a Web app, Blackberry app, a Chrome extension, etc.

Leveraging the Producteev gadget within Gmail, Google Apps customers can harness Producteev’ extensive task management functionality right inside any email to perform any of the following features:

Ø    Task creation

Ø    Label creation

Ø    Task assignment

Ø    Deadlines and scheduling

Ø    Notes

Ø    Alerts

Ø    Privacy-settings

Haven’t taken Producteev for a test drive yet? We invite you to do so and are confident that you’ll become a fan.  Here’s a tour to see how Producteev works: https://www.producteev.com/blog/#tour.  Even better, you can try out Producteev for free or for a limited trial here: https://www.producteev.com/blog/#pricing.  This important extension really reflects our company’s commitment to enable users to stay organized, productive and on top of their daily tasks by leveraging whatever communication channels they prefer.  View the screencast below for more info.

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