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E-commerce #productivity with @Mathilde, #French CEO

“No need to spend time writing long emails or follow up with colleagues on a specific task, Producteev takes care of it all! In the end, the collaboration tool makes work relationships seamless :)” – Mathilde Le Rouzic, CEO, epicurean, geek around the edges.


fave features:

  • iPhone app
  • calendar view
  • labels

key benefits:

  • management of multiple websites, from development to marketing
  • scheduling flexibility
  • greater team communication, greater actionable activity

Quaelead is an e-commerce suggestion engine. Mathilde le Rouzic is the founder, and she and her team make recommendations on gifts, decor, jewelry and other products. Created in 2009, the company manages 3 sites: UnCadeau.com (founded October 2009), jeveuxdesBijoux.com (founded November 2010), Bijouxpascher.com (founded January 2011).

Although Producteev is multi-platform, they mainly use the web application, with a workspace tab always open on each team member’s browser. “It’s part of the productivity trio: Gmail, Skype, Producteev,” Mathilde insists. As a busy and often on-the-go CEO, she regularly uses the iPhone app, especially while commuting to and from the office. “I use my down time productively,” she reveals, “to review my upcoming tasks, as well as my team’s tasks.”

Her team is also a fan of Calendar View and the drag-and-drop interface. It helps them shift tasks around on any given day. From a team standpoint, they claim that Producteev has drastically reduced the number of emails they used to send to each other. Instead, they rely on the task manager for full online collaboration, including adding notes and files. They add that they use Skype for quick communication, anytime they’re missing elements to complete specific tasks.

Their single most used label is titled “DEVELOPMENT,” and all the technical aspects of all 3 websites are managed through Producteev. Being able to modify details, like assigning a task, priority level, deadline and so on, breaks down project management into simple task management for them. Each one of them freely rearranges their tasks through out the week.

In addition, Mathilde harnesses the power of Producteev for our a lot of Quaelead’s marketing campaigns, from newsletters, to coupons, to strategic partnerships…

According to her, Producteev has improved their business by making everything super efficient, as well as centralized in one common location. In fact, she’s going to launch a couple of other e-commerce websites, and once again Producteev will remain the central communication and productivity piece. “We’re just so satisfied with it,” Mathilde concludes, “and the more our team grows, the more we need it to manage our work!”

Bonus: What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs, especially in e-commerce, about productivity?
“Through the years, I got used to capturing a lot of notes, in the very moment that I thoguht of them. I continually take time off from answering emails and taking calls every day, in order to process my most important tasks. I also force myself to spend at least an hour a day on less important tasks. It’s not as interesting, but way less annoying than letting them pile up!”

Producteev is proudly available in French.

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The Perfect Task Manager for a Strong Marketing Team

“It’s working out fantastically!” - Ashley Bienvenu, marketer, cheerleader, out-of-the-box thinker.

fave features:

  • starring system
  • deadlines
  • notes

key benefits:

  • ongoing development of ideas into strategies
  • more productive team meetings
  • greater alignment with different schedules

Ashley Bienvenu and her colleagues at Shopbot discovered Producteev for their personal to-dos. In a short amount of time, they implemented the task manager to coordinate their entire marketing efforts.

Shopbot now uses Producteev to manage a complete spectrum of responsibilities — from the smallest of routine tasks to more major projects, as far as three months out.

For instance, Ashley manages daily tasks like updating the company blog and enters objectives for long term projects overtime. In doing so, she ensures that repetitive tasks are quickly completed and ideas for major projects are always “on the radar.”

They heavily rely on task priority, deadlines, and notes. Not all of members of the marketing department work the same hours. Thus, leaving notes on tasks serve as a primary means of collaboration.

Any team member adds tasks to the workspace at any time. Instead of an overseeing admin, all members participate in assigning tasks to one another. Ashley raves, “It’s working out fantastically!”

Ashley considers the avatars, or team photos, an easy way to get a glimpse of who is assigned to any particular task. In fact, like many users, she and her team were attracted to the interface and are motivated to be on Producteev on a daily basis.

On a weekly basis, they use Producteev to help run more efficient meetings. Using tasks as a reference for brainstorming and devising different campaigns and strategies, they make sure that no thoughts are left out of the mix.

Finally, Ashley compares Producteev to a traditional, paper to-do list. “With Producteev, there’s the added benefit of technology, but that same satisfaction of marking a task off as done.”

The Shopbot team is present in:
Canada www.shopbot.ca
Quebec www.quebec.shopbot.ca
Australia www.shopbot.com.au and
Brazil www.shopbot.com.br


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